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Questions to ask when buying a new home!

Buying a new home can seem like an endless game of 20 Questions. You need to know more than a few things about your potential new home before buying it. Along with how old the home is, the functionality of the plumbing, heating, and AC systems work, and major problems that could pose health or safety risks, you also need to ask questions about the roof.

What are the need-to-know facts about your potential new home’s roof? Take a look at the questions that you should consider asking the seller before signing any contract.

1. Is the Roof’s Warranty Transferable?

The seller boasts about the brand-new roof that was installed within the last 12 months. That should mean you’ll be leak-free and won’t have to spend extra on random repair for a while.

But nothing in life is certain. A new roof can still have problems, including issues relating to factory or material defects or workmanship problems. Even though it’s not typical for a new roof to leak, have shingles that curl, or have another non-storm damage-related issue, these problems can happen. If roof damage does occur, you don’t want to find out the warranty stopped at the home sale.

Not all warranties are transferable. If one of the selling points is a new roof with a new warranty that still has years to go on it, get a copy of the warranty to review. Note whether the contract is transferable to the new owner or not.

2. What Is the Roof Made From?

Are you familiar with the different types of roofing materials? If not, you have another question to ask. The types of material that the roof is made from can affect its durability and lifespan. Asphalt shingles may only last for 20 years, while clay tiles can keep you covered for a century or more.

Along with longevity, the roofing material can also impact your home repair budget. A missing asphalt or wood shingle might not cost you as much to replace as a custom-designed concrete or clay tile would. If the roof is in the middle of its lifespan or has clear areas of wear, understanding its makeup is essential if you want to calculate potential repair or replacement costs.

3. How Old Is the Roof?

Again, this ties directly to what the roof is made from. A 50-year-old roof may seem ancient. But if that roof is made from clay tiles or metal, the roof could still have decades left.

If the roof is comparatively old, in relation to its material make-up, consult a professional roofing contractor about the possibility of replacement. Buying a new home comes with plenty of expenses. You don’t have to add the cost of a completely new roof onto it if you don’t need to.

4. Who Installed the Roof?

Did a reputable contractor install the roof? Or did the homeowner get a bargain job done to advertise the home as coming with a new roofing system?

If the seller is the one who hired the contractor, they can give you the roofer’s name. You can check the contractor’s experience, background, and local reputation. Reviewing the installation company’s qualifications can help you to feel more comfortable with what you’re buying.

Keep in mind, if the installation contractor is sub-par, has poor reviews and references, or has gone out of business almost as quickly as they opened shop, you’ll want to consider consulting a qualified roofer for an inspection.

5. How Many Repairs Were Made?

There are accepted, responsible ways of repairing a roof. There are also less expensive, low quality or ineffective ways of fixing a roof. If the roof is older or has obvious repairs, have a contractor inspect it. Multiple layers of shingles (on top of one another), mismatched roofing materials, and other subpar repairs can end up costing you money.

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