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How Often Should Commercial Roofs Be Maintained?

To keep a commercial roof in good condition, it requires routine maintenance and inspections. The optimal times for roof inspections and repairs are listed below. When it’s time for commercial roof maintenance, repairs, or installation, contact Chesco Remodeling to do the job.

When To Get Preventative Maintenance

Inspections for preventive maintenance should be performed twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. As part of preventative maintenance, our licensed roofer will inspect the roof to look for any early warning indications of damage or wear and tear. A phase in the process is clearing the gutters and roof of debris. Any damage found will be repaired. One of the most important elements of preventative maintenance is documentation. To give you insight to compare with any following appointments, your roofing contractor will take notes during the maintenance check and take pictures of everything that happens.

After a Major Storm

After a storm, ask an expert to examine your roof. In case you need to produce proof to submit an insurance claim, take pictures of the top of the roof and note any obvious symptoms of damage. Keep an eye out for any fading or water leaks inside your building. It’s a good idea to get a professional inspection even if there are no obvious signs of damage. Significant storms might result in damage that goes undetected and causes the roof to collapse.

Commercial Roof Services in Anne Arundel County

Chesco Remodeling provides an outstanding experience for our friends and neighbors in the region. We’ve built a reputation based on quality, integrity, and reliability, and we’d like to show you why so many business owners have trusted us with all their roofing needs. Give Chesco Remodeling a call at (443)-710-9133 to learn more about our extensive commercial roofing services, or to schedule a free estimate.

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