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Kinder Farm Park Tobacco Barn Museum

What do you get when you combine a tobacco barn, farm animals, and an unusual historical figure? You get the Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum located at Kinder Farm Park Rd, Millersville, MD 21108. The Millersley Tobacco Barn is the last remaining tobacco barn from the original 1,100 tobacco barns in Maryland. Today, it’s a museum that preserves this Southern agricultural tradition for future generations to learn about. The historic mill village of Millersville was established in 1814 and was home to many plantations throughout the 19th century. It became an incorporated town in 1951, and today it’s home to about 1,300 people. The town has many restored historic buildings that show off its rich history. more here

The Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum Overview: What to See and Do

The Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum is in Millersville, Maryland, in the heart of the state’s tobacco country. At first glance, the town might not seem like it’s worth visiting. It’s a small town that’s probably best known for being the home of the Millersville University. However, the town has a rich tobacco history that gives it some significance. The historic tobacco farmers of Maryland grew tobacco plants in barns (a tobacco barn was called a “tobacco house”) for several reasons. For one, tobacco barns served as a storage facility for the tobacco. It was also a process for curing tobacco, which gave the farmers the opportunity to sell their tobacco during harvest season. Finally, the tobacco barn was a place for the farmers to get together. Visiting the Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum is an interesting way to learn more about the state’s tobacco heritage. The museum has a large collection of tobacco-related exhibits and artifacts, as well as information about the history of the tobacco industry in the state.

History of the Millersville Tobacco Barn

The tobacco industry in Maryland began in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that the state became one of the nation’s largest producers of tobacco. The tobacco industry in Maryland was driven by the labor of African Americans, who were enslaved in the state until the end of the Civil War. The state’s tobacco farmers also relied on immigrant workers, who also came to work in the tobacco fields. The state’s tobacco was different from other tobacco in the nation because it was “flue-cured.” This is a method of curing tobacco that gives it a distinct flavor and smell. Maryland tobacco became so popular with consumers that it became known as “Prince George’s tobacco.” Today, the majority of the state’s tobacco production is now “burley.” Burley is a type of tobacco that doesn’t have the distinct flavor and smell of Maryland tobacco. But, burley is still important to Maryland farmers because it’s used to make cigarettes and other types of tobacco products. A great place to also visit is

Visiting the Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum

The Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum is open daily from May to October. It’s closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. To get to the museum, take Route 5 to the Millersville town square. The museum is off Main Street and is easy to find. The museum is small, but it does an excellent job of presenting the history of the tobacco industry in the state, as well as the history of the tobacco barn. The museum has various displays that include a large mural, paintings, artifacts, photographs, and more. Visitors will also find information about how tobacco farming changed over time.

Things to know before visiting the Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum

The museum is small and there isn’t much room for large crowds, so reservations are recommended. The museum is also open only on weekends and holidays. So, plan ahead and visit when it isn’t as crowded. The museum is also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a visit during that time. The museum is also closed on the second Saturday of each month. The museum is also only open until 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. So, if you plan on visiting on a Friday, be sure to be there early.


Thanks to the tobacco industry in Maryland, the state developed a strong agricultural sector. The tobacco industry remains an important part of Maryland’s economy today, and the Millersville Tobacco Barn Museum is an excellent place to learn more about this important part of the state’s history.

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