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Eagles Passages

Eagles Passages

Eagles Passages is a small town in St. Leonard’s, Maryland about 30 minutes north of Salisbury. It has the feel of an old mill town with boarded up warehouses and mills lining the river. There are plenty of restaurants and family-friendly shops as well as historic architecture scattered throughout the area. If you love nature, this is a great place to bring your family and explore the outdoors. Eagles Passages offers incredible scenery along two trails that run through most of the town: Whistlepig Nature Preserve and Millen Woods Trail System

What to do in Eagles Passages, Maryland?

The Whistlepig Nature Preserve offers a winding trail that leads to a waterfall. If the weather’s nice, you can walk along the beach next to the Christiana River. The town also has two historic districts, so if you’re staying in the area, you can explore some of the historic buildings. The outdoor activity that most people stay in the area to do is hiking. Both the Millen Woods Trail System and Whistlepig Nature Preserve offer a variety of hiking trails that lead to scenic views. In addition to the trails, Millen Woods also has a golf course and an outdoor amphitheater. The Whistlepig Nature Preserve is much smaller, so it’s easier to get around the trails. It’s about 20 minutes from the Christiana River and another 30 minutes to the Delaware beaches. You can easily walk to both. The town has a boat launch, so you can take kayaks or canoes up the river.

How to get to Eagles Passages, Maryland

If you have a car, you can easily get to Eagles Passages from Wilmington, Delaware, or Baltimore. Wilmington is about an hour and Baltimore is about two hours away. If you’re staying in Wilmington, there’s an easy way to get to Eagles Passages. The Christiana River Trail starts in Wilmington and is a paved trail that runs all the way to Rehoboth Beach. Once you’re in Rehoboth, you can take a ferry to Delaware’s coast. If you’re staying in Baltimore, you can get to Eagles Passages on the Penn-Wilmington Trail, which is a paved path that runs from Baltimore to Wilmington. You can also take the Penn-Trail to get to the Christiana River Trail, which runs from Wilmington to Rehoboth. Additional Info

Undiscovered Gem: Natural Bridge Overlook Trail

If you have time in the area, drive to Natural Bridge, Maryland, which is about an hour north of Eagles Passages. You’ll get to Natural Bridge on Route 175, which has great views all the way. Once you’re in Natural Bridge, you can explore the town or walk along the Natural Bridge State Park Trail that leads to the overlook of the Natural Bridge and the Christiana River. If you have time, drive to the Natural Steps, which are a series of 13 giant limestone rocks that you can climb.

Must-See: Prospect Rock Overlook and Nature Preserve Trails

If you have time in the area, drive to Prospect Rock State Park, which is about an hour north of Salisbury. There are plenty of hiking trails at the park and the trails lead to beautiful views of the Potomac River. You can also hike the Blue Trail, which leads to the Prospect Rock Overlook, which has a view of the Potomac River and the Great Falls. You can also drive to the Great Falls overlook and walk along the overlook path that takes you to the overlook. If you have time in the area, drive to the Nature Conservancy’s Millen Woods Trail System. This is a large, almost 200-mile trail that runs through Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. It’s a huge network of trails that are mostly asphalt and are great for walking, running, and biking. The Millen Woods Trail connects to the Capital Crescent Trail, so you can easily walk or bike between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

Don’t Miss: Millen Woods Trail System

If you have time in the area, drive to Millen Woods Trail System, which is about an hour north of Salisbury. The trail runs through the mountains and is mostly paved with some dirt trails. You can walk or bike on most of the trails and there are also many picnic areas, shelters, and campsites along the way.

Bottom line

Eagles Passages is a small town with a few outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a family-friendly area to explore nature, this is a great place to stay. The trails are easy to navigate and you can walk along the beach next to the river or hike through the mountains. This is a great place for hiking and exploring nature. Discover More about Beachwood

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